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Key Evolutionary Mindset of Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Over the Last 20 Years

Rhinoplasty (nose job)  is one of the most challenging procedures in facial plastic surgery. This is due to the intricate 3D nature of the nose and its unpredictable healing.  Over the past 20 years, a major shift in rhinoplasty surgery has occurred that has dramatically improved the outcome.  The previous generation of rhinoplasty surgeons were destabilizing the nose by removing large amounts of the cartilage in the nose.  The cartilage supports the nose, and allows for easy breathing. We have discovered that this approach to rhinoplasty looks great for the first few years, but over time the nose continues to shrink and pinch to an unattractive appearance.  If too much cartilage is removed, then the skin loses its support and will shrink wrap.  With the techniques I learned in Beverly Hills, I remove cartilage in one area to help define and refine the nose, and may use that cartilage in another area to support the nose. I know how much cartilage to leave in the nose to prevent the “ever disappearing” nose.  At the Carolina Center for Facial Plastic surgery, I want to create a nose that will last a lifetime.

Carolina Facial Plastics has offices in the Southpark area of Charlotte, North Carolina and the Irmo area of Columbia, South Carolina.


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