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Is FaceTime Affecting Plastic Surgery?

It is impossible to keep up with the latest and greatest technologies, such as the newest smart phones, the fastest laptops, and the smallest portable devices.  One of the most popular apps on Apple products is the FaceTime app, which allows Apple users to connect via video camera (similar to Skype) through their Apple products.  While it may be hard to believe, this app has greatly influenced how one plastic surgeon performs neck lifts.

The surgeon stated that he had patients who were concerned about their appearance during FaceTime, so he developed the “FaceTime Facelift.”  Some of his patients had complained of noticing a turkey gobbler or flabby neck when they saw themselves on camera.  Often when one uses FaceTime, the angle which the device is held greatly causes the resulting image to greatly exaggerate any fullness and sagging of the face and/or neck.  The FaceTime Facelift is a neck lift with no incision underneath the chin, which improves the neck line and prevents a scar from being seen during FaceTime.  This is not a new procedure, but it does highlight new concerns that patients may have as a result of the advent of new technology.

I am not sure how I feel about tailoring a surgical procedure to correct your appearance on FaceTime, but it is certainly interesting news.


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