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New Chin Trend

During tough economic times, Americans want to look their best. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Americans spent more on plastic surgery in 2010 than they did in previous years. The 3 percent increase in plastic chin surgery volume points to a new trend in chin plastic surgery. The number of chin reconstruction surgeries increased by 71 percent. Over 20,680 chin surgeries were performed in 2010.

Chin augmentation procedure

There are two forms of chin augmentation surgeries that are performed. Chin enhancements or chin reduction are the two main types of surgeries available. One consists of adding implants to the person’s chin area while the other is considered to be a reduction surgery. The implant surgery uses implants to reconstruct the chin and chin to create a more even appearance. The other form of surgery removes a portion of the bone in the chin area. In a chin reduction procedure, the bone in the chin area is detached and reshaped, resulting in a more contoured appearance.

Why do people get the chin procedure?

The procedure eliminates common chin issues such as saggy skin in the chin area. It is also performed to complement other plastic surgery procedures like nose surgery. Individuals also appreciate being able to have a less drastic surgical procedure that enhances the existing facial features they possess. Women often have this procedure to achieve a more proportionate, feminine appearance.

Chin augmentation surgeries will likely continue to grow in popularity as Americans appear to be embracing these types of surgical procedures. Even in a climate of stagnant wages, Americans still see value in investing in procedures that improve their facial appearance. It is unlikely that this type of surgery will overtake other popular forms of surgical procedures like breast augmentation, but the research suggests that a steady increase in the surgery for years to come can be expected.


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