Fillers or Facelift for Treatment of Jowls in Charlotte?

The hated jowl grows and creeps its way down your face as we age.  It eventually overhangs the jaw to disturbs the long beautiful uninterrupted jawline of youth.  This can be a source of concern for my patients in Charlotte.  As a facial plastic surgeon, I believe there are many treatment options for jowls including both non-surgical and surgical procedures.

What are the non-surgical procedures to help with jowling? Non-surgical options are best for younger patients with early stages of jowling.  The goal is to help lift and camouflage the jowl.  This can be done by using injectable facial fillers to the area above the jowl to lift it.  I typically use Restylane, Juvéderm, Perlane, or Sculptra to lift the area.  Theses same fillers can be injected in front of the jowl to help create a smooth jawline.  Fillers in this area will camouflage the jowl.

Restylane Treatment of Jowls in Charlotte-Ballantyne

Locations to Inject Fillers to Lift and Hide Jowls

What are the surgical procedures to help with jowling? If a patient has mild to moderate jowling and has good skin elasticity, liposuction or liposculputre, is a great option.  Liposuction actually removes the jowl fat and the skin will contract in the area to help eliminate or soften the jowl. Patients with more severe jowling and/or poor skin elasticity can combine jowl liposuction with a facelift or a necklift to eliminate the jowl.  This will also define the neck and rejuvenate the entire lower face. If a weak chin is contributing to the formation of the jowl then a chin implant may be recommented.  Chin implant with fill in the depression in front of the jowl and it will also pull the skin around the jowl.  A chin implant with jowl liposuction may be the best option for some patients. Surgical solutions for jowling may be more expensive up front but may be more affordable in the long run.  Injectable fillers in this region last between 6-9 months and then must be repeated.  Liposuction, facelift, or a necklift will provide a long lasting result that will not require repeat treatments overtime.

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