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Does Your Nose Not Fit Your Face?

As one of the most important features of the face, both functionally and in appearance, the nose should not be the first facial feature that is noticed. I believe beautiful eyes, bright skin, or a beautiful smile should be the first facial feature that is appreciated.  If the nose in not in harmony with the face, it can become a point of emphasis on the face and distract from the other beautiful features of the face.  As a facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte and a rhinoplasty expert, I specialize in helping patients achieve a natural nose that fits their face. In this blog, I’ll discuss the best ways for my patients to achieve a nose that fits their face.

Achieving A Harmonious Nose

Appropriate Width

When a patient has a nose that is too wide for their face, it can cause other features to look out of balance, which can create a nose that appears flat on the face.  Narrowing a wide nose will make the nose appear smaller and more triangular.

Smooth Bridge

Another important factor in achieving a harmonious nose is to have a smooth bridge—in other words, the profile view should match the frontal view. A straight nose without a large hump typically blends in well with the face.  In dealing with patients of different backgrounds and ethnicities, the appropriate profile may be a small bump, straight, or slightly curved depending on the patients’ goals.

Slight Upward Turn

Having the correct amount of an upward turn in the nose can be the finishing touches in achieving a harmonious nose in women. A slightly upward turned nose has been associated with a femanine  and youthful appearance. In males, the amount of upward turn should be limited.

At my practice in Charlotte, I help patients achieve a harmonious nose through a rhinoplasty procedure and non-surgical nose jobs. A rhinoplasty is a operation of millimeters, that is, a few millimeter of change in a few areas of the nose can create the nose that is going to fit your face.

Speak With An Expert Facial Plastic Surgeon Today

At Carolina Facial Plastics, I strive to always provide my patients with exactly the outcomes that they’re seeking from their procedure. If you’d like to learn more about whether or not you might be a good candidate for a rhinoplasty, or about the other procedures offered at my practice in Charlotte, I encourage you to schedule your initial consultation today by calling (704) 842-3644.  As a rhinoplasty specialist, I am confident in my abilities to provide you with a younger nose that matches what you’ve had in mind. For additional information, please contact us today.

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