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Image of a young blonde female checking her nose, functional rhinoplasty, Charlotte, NCDo you notice that you have trouble breathing through your nose or suffer from nasal congestion or nosebleeds on a regular basis? Do you find it difficult to fully smell the food you eat, resulting in less than appetizing meals? You may be experiencing the symptoms of nasal airway obstruction, which can be corrected with a functional rhinoplasty. However, your condition and the underlying causes resulting in it may not be understandable without the help of a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon who can both provide you with a diagnosis and create a treatment plan that will effectively care for your needs.

At Carolina Facial Plastics of Charlotte NC, Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh specializes in performing both cosmetic and functional nasal surgeries. If you are considering undergoing functional rhinoplasty to improve your airway function with or without making any changes to the appearance of your nose, please do not wait to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kulbersh today.

Types of Functional Rhinoplasties

While rhinoplasties can be performed for both medical and cosmetic needs, the term “functional rhinoplasty” refers to procedures that are tailored to specifically treat medical conditions affecting the health and function of the nose. In most cases, treating nasal airway obstruction involves correcting only internal passageways without altering the outer nose.  However, more advanced procedures may be needed in case of complex issues that affect breathing. These treatments include:

Nasal Polyp Removal – Nasal polyps are non-cancerous growths in the nasal passages that can reduce or block airflow as well as drainage from the sinuses. Nasal polyps can be surgically removed without interfering with surrounding tissue through a minimally invasive procedure.

Nasal Septoplasty – The dividing wall that separates the nasal passages can be bent or bowed, causing narrowing or blockage of one side, with what is known as a deviated septum. A septoplasty can surgically straighten the septal wall and open up the blocked passages to improve nasal function.

Turbinate Reduction Turbinates are a part of the nasal cavity and consist of mucous membrane-covered spaces that help clean and humidify air that passes through the nasal airways. If a turbinate is too large, it can cause nasal obstruction. It is possible to surgically decrease the size of a turbinate to allow better nasal breathing and drainage.

Internal Nasal Valve RepairThe nose has both an internal and external nasal valve.  If these valves are narrowed it can cause nasal obstruction. These valves can be opened in re-supported during a rhinoplasty procedure to improve breathing.

Due to the complex nature of the conditions that affect nasal breathing and the wide variety of treatments that could be used, finding help from a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon is a crucial step in improving your health.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Kulbersh

Whether you have been diagnosed with a condition that is affecting your nasal breathing or are suffering from symptoms that may indicate such a condition, Dr. Kulbersh and his skilled rhinoplasty team can help you today. If you are interested in undergoing a functional rhinoplasty to correct nasal obstruction and other functional issues please call Carolina Facial Plastics in Charlotte, NC at (704) 842-3644 or fill out the online consultation request form.

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