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The Cultural Considerations of an Ethnic Rhinoplasty in Charlotte

The Declaration of Independence states that all people are created equal.  This is clearly a guiding foundation of our great country.  What the Declaration does not say is how all people have different cultural backgrounds that help define their opinions, paradigms, and ideas of beauty.  These issues are the foundation for the unique differences between ethnic and non-ethnic rhinoplasties in Charlotte.  During a consultation with an ethnic patient seeking a rhinoplasty, I consider their unique cultural upbringing and listen to how this shapes their goals and needs for aesthetic surgery.  Many times, patients request different results than I would suggest because they would like to maintain an important feature that is central to their cultural identity.  This may entail keeping a small “bump” on the profile or maintaining the size of the nostrils.
There are anatomical differences which exist and must be taken into consideration during an ethnic rhinoplasty.   They may include:

1)      The skin thickness and quality, which may be sebaceous and/or thick.  This may create a bulbous tip, which may limit final definition in the tip after a rhinoplasty in Charlotte.

2)      The quality and amount of cartilage.  Ethnic noses may have a smaller septum, and as a result, they have less cartilage in the nose.  Cartilage is frequently used during surgery as a graft to support the nose.  This helps create a nose that will last a lifetime.    If there is not enough cartilage in the nose, the surgeon may need to use cartilage from the ear or rib.

3)      The size of the nostrils.  Ethnic noses may have larger nostrils or nostrils that flare.  This may be due to skin or tissue around the areas of the nostril or if the nose does not stick out far enough from the face.  If the patient request smaller nostrils, the nose may actually need to be made bigger or part of the nostril tissue may need to be removed.
Generally speaking, as an ethnic rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte, patients seeking ethnic rhinoplasty require extra time during their consultation.   This is to ensure both parties clearly understand the motives and anticipated outcomes.  I allow extra time to listen to my patients and take into account the possible anatomic considerations.



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