Deviated Septum: The New Reason for a Nose Job?

Hollywood’s stars are privileged in many ways, one of which is the ability to stave off Father Time. How do they do it? With access to trainers, diet gurus, luxurious vacations, expensive cosmetics, and of course, world-class cosmetic surgeons.

Yet many deny having had “work done” or cite excuses like a “deviated septum” for getting a nose job. Is a deviated septum really a good excuse to sculpt a new nose in the Charlotte, NC area?

What is a Deviated Septum?

The nasal septum is the thin wall between your nostrils, separating the right and left nasal cavities (hopefully) in equal parts. According to the Mayo Clinic, a deviated septum occurs when that thin wall is displaced to one side.

Such a displacement can actually cause a bit of trouble, leading to reduced air flow, difficulty breathing, nosebleeds and other pesky symptoms. Snoring may be linked to a deviated septum.

What’s the Big Deal?

So you have a deviated septum. What’s the big deal? You might get a little less oxygen, but does that really matter? Actually, yes. Oxygen is one of the key components to your health. You breathe because all your cells need energy, which is made in part with help from the oxygen molecule.

Getting less oxygen or struggling to take it in everyday can actually have an impact on your energy levels, brain activity and more. You probably don’t even think about breathing until it’s difficult. When your nose is stuffed due to a cold, it has a big impact on your day, doesn’t it?

Symptoms of Nasal Obstruction

If you have a deviated septum, you might not notice. Many of its symptoms you may just “live with,” thinking they are linked to allergies or other health factors.

The Mayo Clinic lists difficulty breathing, especially during a sinus infection or allergy season. You can also experience facial pain, frequent nosebleeds due to nasal dryness, frequent and recurring sinus infections or noisy breathing during sleep.

Treating a Deviated Septum

You can manage a deviated septum with nose strips that open your nasal passageways. However, the only way to treat the condition is with cosmetic surgery. So, a nose job is necessary to correct the problem.

How Common is a Deviated Septum?

According to one statistic, approximately 80% of all nasal septums have some deviation. This problem, however, typically goes unnoticed. If it does impact your life in Charlotte, NC and your health, surgery to correct the deviated septum may be essential.

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