Male Facelifts Facts

An increasing number of men are turning to facial rejuvenation to bring a more youthful appearance to their faces. When a man is in his mid forties, the eyes are the first areas that begin to show signs of aging.  The skin on the upper lid begins to become heavy and bags begin to form underneath the eyes.  At this time, a common surgical procedure, blepharoplasty or eyelid lift, is performed to remove the excess skin and help smooth out the bags.  When a man enters his fifties, it’s often time to undergo a cosmetic surgery that can address more than just one issue—a facelift.

As a board certified head and neck surgeon in Charlotte and fellowship trained in facial plastic surgery, I believe that a male facelift can address many signs of aging while still maintaining a natural and masculine appearance.

Aging In A Male Face

While men and women all experience the aging process, how it affects males and females is very different. When a man seeks a facelift, it’s often to increase definition at the jawline that was lost secondary to muscle laxity and sagging skin.When the jowls become apperant, this can create a drooping appearance of the face and mouth.

To address facial aging in men, I often perform facelifts or a minilift depending on the severity and unique goals of the patient. During a facelift in Charlotte, I  remove excess fat in the neck and tighten the underlying muscles. This allows me to elevate sagging skin and remove it. Patients who may opt instead for a minilift generally wish to correct only the lower third of the face—the jowls and the neck. A minilift is a less invasive procedure ideal for individuals showing slight signs of aging including early neck sagging, excess skin, or drooping jowls.

During a male facelift, there are different techniques that I perform to ensure a natural result on a male.  First the incisions are placed in a different location to prevent movement of the beard.  The incisions in the male have to placed in a location to prevent any signs of the surgery.  The incisions are hidden around the ear and in the hairline.  Men typically have more excess fat in the neck, so I typically have to remove more fat in men than in women.  These are just a few differences between male and female facelift techniques.

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Like every procedure that I perform, I always make sure that my male patients ultimate goals are met through careful attention to detail during surgery, which brings natural yet masculine results.  If you’d like to learn more about undergoing a facelift at Carolina Facial Plastics and have additional questions for me, I encourage you to contact my office in Charlotte today by calling (704) 842-3644 to schedule your initial consultation.  As a facelift expert, I fully understand the importance of listening to the needs of my patients and addressing them completely during the procedure.

For more information regarding male facelifts at Carolina Facial Plastics, please contact my office today.

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