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Kate Middleton Responsible For The Newest Cosmetic Craze: The Royal Rhinoplasty!

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, has been long known for her keen fashion sense that has sparked trends worldwide. However, her style isn’t the only thing gaining attention—now more than ever, American women are seeking what has been dubbed the “Royal Rhinoplasty,” and are getting cosmetic surgery to achieve a nose described as the perfect size and shape.

As a rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte, I believe that it’s important for my patients to understand exactly why Kate’s nose is garnering so much attention. Kate has a very feminine nose, meaning the bridge swoops very slightly and the tip does not fall or droop when she smiles or speaks. Kate’s nose is also very symmetrical and in balance with the rest of her facial features. One of the lesser-known facts about the nose is that it must in harmony with the eyes, cheeks, mouth, and chin..

Undergoing A Rhinoplasty In Charlotte

I commonly get asked to model a nose after a celebrity or someone who the patient believes is beautiful.   While this can give me insight on the result the patient would like to achieve, I remind them that it is important to remember that each nose and face shape is unique.  During a rhinoplasty, the nose has to be shaped to fit the individuals face.  A beautiful nose on one person, may not be a beautiful nose on another.   As a board certified head and neck surgeon with  a fellowship facial plastics, I believe that the most important aspect of performing any rhinoplasty is to strive for a result that makes the nose appear to blend in with the face.

During your initial consultation at Carolina Facial Plastics, I’ll listen to your concerns to develop a treatment plan completely unique to your face and goals.  I believe that a rhinoplasty is a surgery of millimeters.  Doing a variety of millimeter changes on the nose together can create a nose that looks natural on your face, but does not change the character of the nose.  Depending on what you’d like done, I will decide on either a closed, open, or non-surgical rhinoplasty approach to accomplish your goals.

Contact Carolina Facial Plastics Today

If you’re considering undergoing a rhinoplasty but aren’t sure about how to obtain the results you’re looking for, I encourage you to contact my medical practice in Charlotte today to schedule your initial consultation by calling (704) 842-3644. During this time, I’ll be able to address your needs and goals while coming up with a tailored treatment plan unique to you and your nose. As an expert facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, I know that achieving subtle and natural results is always the best way to provide my clients with a pleasing nasal structure.

For more information about the royal rhinoplasty, or to schedule your consultation with me today, please contact my office.

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