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Innovative Technique for Eye Support in Patients with Facial Paralysis

I have a special interest and passion for treating patients diagnosed with facial paralysis. These patients normally have many functional, aesthetic, and emotional concerns.  During my training in Beverly Hills, I worked with a team of facial plastic, oculoplastic (eye plastic surgery specialist), and head and neck surgeons rehabilitating and reconstructing patients at the Facial Paralysis Institute.  During my training, in cooperation with two of my mentors, Dr. Babak Azizzadeh and Dr. Guy Massry, we developed anew minimally invasive technique to help support the lower lid, known as the MIOS procedure.

Patients that have facial paralysis lose all muscle tone in the face.  With the loss of the facial tone, there is a loss of support for the lower lid.  This can cause the lower lid to droop, possibly causing an aesthetic issue and also contributing to eye dryness. (Please see picture on link)

The new procedure uses two incisions, one hidden inside the eyelid and the other in the crease of the upper lid.  After releasing tissue that pulls the eyelid down, the eyelid is pulled up with a suture through the incision in the upper eyelid crease.  This works well on patients that have mild to moderate sagging of the lower lid.  It also has a lower complication rate when compared to other techniques.  I feel so fortunate to have worked and learned innovative techniques from the skilled surgeons in Beverly Hills, and I am glad to be able to offer them to the my patients in the Carolinas.



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