Who Is a Good Candidate for Tip Rhinoplasty?

Charlotte-tip-rhinoplastyWhile many patients come to Carolina Facial Plastics in order to receive a complete rhinoplasty, some patients desire to only change the appearance of the tip of their nose. A tip rhinoplasty can produce incredible results for patients who are dissatisfied with the size or shape of their nasal tip. At our practice in Charlotte, Dr. Kulbersh works closely with patients to develop a treatment plan that will address their concerns and improve the look of their nasal tip.

What Is Tip Rhinoplasty?

Unlike a standard rhinoplasty, a tip rhinoplasty focuses on correcting the size and shape of the nasal tip. Some people have round nasal tips that can appear to be bulbous due to either weak excess cartilage or thick skin. These patients seek tip rhinoplasty in order to slim down their nasal tip and improve its definition. As a rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Kulbersh assesses each patient in order to determine which technique will produce the most ideal results. Suture reshaping involves placing sutures in the nasal tip area in order to narrow it. Dr. Kulbersh can also perform cephalic trimming to remove cartilage on patients who have wide and bulbous tips. Finally, cartilage grafting can be performed in order to lift a drooping tip. Depending on the patient, one or more of these procedures can be performed in order to enhance the appearance of the nasal tip.

What Can I Expect from Tip Rhinoplasty?

At Carolina Facial Plastics, we are dedicated to ensuring that the results of tip rhinoplasty are symmetrical and balanced with the rest of the face. The nasal tip is one of the most visible areas of the face and we consult with each patient to recommend the best treatment in order to correct wide and bulbous nasal tips. Patients who undergo tip rhinoplasty experience minimal bruising from the procedure, if any. Since only the tip of the nose is being addressed, the nose does not need to be broken and patients only feel slight discomfort around the treatment area. The results of tip rhinoplasty leave patients feeling satisfied that their nasal tip is more harmonious with the rest of the face.

Who Should Perform Tip Rhinoplasty?

Tip rhinoplasty involves skill and precision in order to achieve the ideal aesthetic and balance. It is important that the nasal tip is proportional to the rest of the face and looks natural. As a Beverly Hills-trained and experienced rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Kulbersh employs only the most advanced and innovative techniques in order to deliver unparalleled results to all of his patients. At Carolina Facial Plastics, patients can feel confident knowing that their tip rhinoplasty will help improve their overall look and give them the nose they’ve always wanted.

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Patients who want to solely focus on improving the appearance of their nasal tip without undergoing a complete standard rhinoplasty are generally great candidates for tip rhinoplasty. For more information about how tip rhinoplasty can help you achieve your goals, call Carolina Facial Plastics at (704) 842-3644 and schedule a consultation today!

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