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Barclays Gets Hit With Another Scandal, This Time The Thief Had Wished For Cosmetic Surgery

Barclay bank has been hit with a series of scandals that has resulted in the resignation of their CEO and many other top officials.  The scandal at the bank did not stop there.  A 24 year old clerk in one of their bank branches in England stole over 70,000 dollars for cosmetic surgery.  She had a breast augmentation and teeth whitening to name a few procedures in an attempt to help her modeling career.  She initially pleaded not guilty but eventually pleaded guilty.  I think it was going to be hard for her to plead not guilty when the evidence was clearly visible on her chest (newly enhance breasts) and her beautiful new smile.


Girl Steals Money For Cosmetic Surgery

Practicing facial cosmetic surgery in Charlotte, a bank town, I would never encourage or even hope for an employee to steal money for any reason.  If they happened to steal the money for cosmetic surgery, I hope they would of choose Carolina Facial Plastics to have their procedure.  🙂

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