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Want Free Cosmetic Plastic Surgery? You Might Want to Move to Brazil.

Attitudes regarding cosmetic plastic surgery vary around the country and the world. Generally speaking, the attitude has changed dramatically in the US over the past 10-15 years.  Today, it is widely known that procedures to improve one’s appearance can have a dramatic positive impact on self esteem and quality of life.  It is socially acceptable to take care of yourself mentally and physically.  I believe that the positive outlook that I bring to Charlotte facial plastic surgeries will only benefit my patients and improve their overall outcome.

Nowhere in the world, not even my training area of Beverly Hills, is plastic surgery more accepted and understood than in Brazil.  Brazilians truly believe if you are happy with your appearance on the outside it can positively effect the way you feel on the inside.  Brazil has the second largest market in the world for plastic surgery, less than just one other country ….. the United States.   Additionally, Brazilians believe that access to cosmetic treatments should not just be limited to the rich.  There are multiple clinics in Brazil that offer steeply discounted or free facial aesthetic procedures to the poor.  In Brazil, they believe all people are entitled to services that will improve self-esteem.

While I will not be able to offer free cosmetic plastic surgery in Charlotte, I do believe that my patients’ time and money is well spent at Carolina Facial Plastics.

Please note that I have a satellite office in Columbia, SC.

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