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The Most Important Fact You Need Know about ObamaCare and The Supreme Court’s Pending Decision

 Currently, the one section of ObamaCare that is being challenged in the Supreme Court is also the backbone of the bill.  Attorneys from around the country are challenging the right of the federal government to require citizens to purchase health care insurance.  They believe private citizens have the right not to purchase health insurance. 

Facial Cosmetic Surgeon In Charlotte Explains Why Healthcare Mandate is Required for Obamacare

Supreme Court Has A Big Decision

Let me explain why the mandate is essential for ObamaCare to work….

ObamaCare will require insurance companies to cover both sick and healthy people regardless of their age.  People will be able to purchase health insurance at any time and for any reason.  If the mandate to require citizens to buy health insurance is revoked, but the rest of the bill stands, there will be no incentive to buy health insurance until people get sick.  This would be disastrous. 

Insurance companies work by having a large amount of participants enrolled to share the risk.  It is vitally important to have low risk participants, young healthy adults, to help spread out the risk and cost.  If low risk participants are not enrolled in the system, then the pool is shifted to participants that will likely get sick, and the insurance companies will be required to pay for their care. 

This situation would significantly raise insurance companies cost while significantly reducing their incomes.  The ultimate outcome would be sky rocketing premiums. Kentucky passed a similar law and it resulted in all of the insurance companies leaving the state except for two.  At that time, Kentucky was forced to change the law.  

In essence, I feel revoking only the health care mandate would be the wrong course of action.  As a country, we need to closely analyze and participate in the upcoming federal decision regarding health care reform as it is going to affect us all, probably at some of the worse times in our lives. 

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