Botox For Acne and Large Pores

Botox has many uses in medicine both for aesthetic and functional reasons.  It has been safely used in medicine for over 20 years.

A new hot topic regarding Botox is its possible use to treat acne and large pores.  A dermatologist did the first known study to evaluate this question.  As a facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, I was curious about the study so I paid 15 dollars to purchase to his article describing the study.

In the study, 2o patients were evaluated if they had an improvement in their acne and pore size after injecting Botox in the most superficial layer of the skin.  By only subjective testimonials by his patients, 17/20 of the patients had improvements.  The study did not comment on the amount of Botox or the frequency of injections.

This one small study was poorly designed has garned national attention.  It has been picked up by multiple media sources.  This study in now way demostrates that Botox would be a safe or effective treatment for acne or large pores.

It is a little upsetting that such a small and inconsequential studied has garnered so much attention when there is so much good medical research that is performed everyday.

From reading this article, it is not clear that Botox would an option for treating acne or large pores.  This is an example why it is important to dig deep to learn the facts and reasons that influence facial plastic surgeons decision making processes. For more information about Botox to treat acne, please visit

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