The Power of the Chin

Kulbersh Chin Implant Platysmaplasty Before and AfterThe size and strength of the chin may be the most underrated and overlooked facial feature.  I have been performing chin augmentation procedures for years with wonderful results, but I had recent experience that has me thinking about the procedure.

My Friend Who Had a Chin Implant

One of my friends, who does not live in Charlotte, was considering a chin implant.  My friend was handsome, confident, and successful, and he wanted to know my thoughts.  I asked him to send me a few pictures to review his facial balance.  I was surprised by the weakness in his chin from his profile.  On his frontal picture, his chin was round and on the smaller size.  After looking at these pictures, I let him know that I thought he was an excellent candidate for a chin implant.

Based on his own research and my recommendation, he moved forward with the procedure.  He had the surgery while awake and his recovery was uneventful.  Considering how close we are, I was a little nervous to hear his thoughts on the results.  In a weird way, I felt a sense of responsibility if he was unhappy.

We talked after his surgery and he felt lukewarm about his results.   He was worried that the implant was too large for his face but he appreciated the strength in his chin.  Like most patients, he had to allow for time for the swelling to resolve.  After the resolution of the swelling, he was pleased with his results.

Five months after his implant, I saw my friend for the first time.  The chin implant looked fantastic.  It angulated his jawline from both the frontal and side views.  The implant brought the lower aspect of his face in proportion with the upper aspect.

He was excited to tell me that he had recently seen some old friends, and they were not able to tell he had surgery. He believes the chin implant gave him a new sense of confidence and has helped him both professionally and personally.  I believe this improvement of your inner self worth is the most beneficial quality of undergoing facial plastic surgery.

Why Would a Patient Consider a Chin Implant in Charlotte?

A weak chin can have a few different effects of facial balance in men and women including:

  • Blunting of the angle of the neck
  • Create the illusion of a large nose
  • Shortening the vertical height of the lower aspect of the face

How is a Chin Implant Performed at Carolina Facial Plastics?

A chin implant is a straight forward and quick procedure.  The procedure can be completed while the patient is awake or the patient can be placed asleep.  If the patient is going to be awake, I will give them medication before the procedure to help them relax.  The chin area is numbed with a series of injections.  A 1.5 to 2cm incision is made just underneath the chin on the skin.  Through the small incision, a pocket is made on the lower border of the jaw and an implant is placed.  The implant is secured with stiches.  The small incisions are closed with stiches and a small dressing is placed over the chin.

What is the Composition of the Chin Implant Dr. Kulbersh Uses?

I believe in using an implant with the following qualities:

  1. Low complication rates
  2. Well tolerated by the body
  3. Easily removable

In my opinion, silicone is the best material that fits the above mentioned qualities.  The silicon used for chin implants is solid and cannot burst.  It can last a lifetime and will never need to be replaced if the patient is happy.

What is the Recovery from a Chin Implant in Charlotte?

The recovery from a chin implant is relatively quick.  For the first few days, there will be a small dressing on the chin and the stiches will need to be cleaned.  There will be swelling and possible bruising that will improve over 1 week.  One week post op, patients will have the stiches removed and undergo full activity in 2 weeks following surgery (no contact sports for 3 weeks).  There will be a variable amount of swelling that will continue to go down over a few months but patients will look great 1-2 weeks after surgery.

How Do I Schedule a Consult with Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Kulbersh for a Chin Implant?

To schedule an appointment in our office in Southpark, please call (704) 842-3644 or fill out the online contact form on this website.



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