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Making the Nose Bigger Can Be A Goal of a Rhinoplasty

Before and AfterRecently, I had an interesting consultation with a patient.  She was interested is having a rhinoplasty to make her nose larger and wanted to know if I performed that type of surgery.  As a rhinoplasty expert in Charlotte, I thought this was an great question and a good discussion point.  A beautiful nose is a nose that blends into the face that allows people to notice their eyes or beautiful smile.  A nose that does not blend with the face will draw attention to the nose and away from the other attractive features of the face.  The stereotype of a typical rhinoplasty candidate is a women with a large nose.

Enlarging The Nose With Rhinoplasty

This patient would benefit from a surgery to remove the bump and make the nose smaller.  While this is a common indication for a rhinoplasty in Charlotte, it is certainly not the only indication. The patient requesting a larger nose had strong (chin, cheeks, and forehead) and attractive facial features.  Her small nose did not blend well with her strong features.  The nose had a deep scoop from the profile, and the front of her nose was upturned allowing one to see inside of the nostrils.   In this case, the goal of the rhinoplasty was to make the nose bigger by building up her scoop and rotating the nose down.  This requires advanced rhinoplasty techniques.  Typically, I will use cartilage grafts with the help of a flexible and dissoluble plate, better known as a PDS  plate, to enlarge and rotate the nose down.

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A perfect nose is different for every face.  The goal of a rhinoplasty in my practice in Charlotte is make the nose blend with the surrounding facial feature.  This may require a surgery to make the nose bigger to create facial harmony. If you’re wondering if you might be a good candidate to undergo a rhinoplasty, I encourage you to contact Carolina Facial Plastics today to schedule your initial consultation and to learn more about the best facial plastic surgery options for your unique case.

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