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Get Kissable Lips & Long Lashes Year Round

With Valentine’s Day here, I’ve been noticing an increase over the past month in the amount of patients seeking fillers for their lips and Latisse for longer and thicker eyelashes. Even though the biggest date night of the year is a great time to pull out all the stops to look fantastic, I’d like to let me patients know how simple it is to continue looking beautiful and natural year round.  With non-invasive treatments like Juvéderm and Latisse, maintaining your Valentine’s Day look week after week has never been easier.

Fillers For Plump Lips

Because plump lips are a staple of Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be a good time to discuss how I help my patients in Charlotte achieve their ideal lip fullness with the help of fillers like Juvéderm, Restylane, and Perlane. Patients often make good candidates to undergo this procedure if they’ve lost volume in their lips, have fine lines surrounding their lips, or desire a fuller and pouty lip to enhance their smile. Because the lips are one of the most sensitive areas on the face, I understand the importance of making the procedure as comfortable for my patients as possible, which I do by utilizing a needleless filler technique.

With the help a cannula, I’m able to inject fillers without causing any additional trauma to the lips, resulting in an even smoother recovery for patients allowing them to return to their normal activities immediately. To prevent the appearance of duck lips, I inject the deeper fat pads of the lip.  In this manner, the lips appear fuller, but do not stick out farther from the face.


Did you know that eyes with short and thin lashes can appear smaller than they actually are? To help lengthen short or thin eyelashes, Latisse is a medication that I often prescribe for my patients in Charlotte. The active ingredient in Latisse, bimatoprost, is the only FDA approved agent to help improve the length and fullness of eyelashes. Latisse is easy to use and is applied at home on a nightly basis. Though results can vary from person to person, it’s very common to see an improvement in the length of your eyelashes in as little as 8 weeks with full results being noticeable in 12-16 weeks. Ultimately, longer and thicker eyelashes can improve  the appearance of the eyes and facialharmony.

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As a facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, I strive to perform procedures that meet the unique needs of each individual patient. If you’d like to learn more about the various treatments offered at Carolina Facial Plastics that can take years off of your appearance without much down time, I encourage you to contact my medical practice today to schedule your initial consultation by calling (704) 842-3644. Because I am a board certified head and neck surgeon, I’m able to bring a special knowledge of both the facial function and facial aesthetics to my patients.

For additional information, please contact Carolina Facial Plastics today.

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