Unique Considerations for an Upper Blepharoplasty or Eyelid Lift in Males

The eyes are one of the first areas on the face that begin to show signs of aging.  The eyes are central in our non-verbal communication and tired aged eyes can create a discord on how we feel on the inside (young and energetic) and how we look on the outside (aged and tired).  As a male and as a facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, I understand that there are unique considerations when performing an upper blepharoplasty or eyelid lift in males.  There are certain characteristics of the eye that create a masculine and a feminine appearance.  As an eye specialist, it is imperative that I keep the masculine appearance of the eye during the rejuvenating procedure in a man.

Lets look at what creates and attractive masculine and feminine upper eyelid.

A male upper eyelid should have a low lid crease 6-8 mm above the eyelashes.  The lid should have some excess skin, some skin crepe and some skin redundancy, but not the excess that forms during the aging process.  The goal during male upper blepharoplasty should be to remove a conservative amount of skin and possibly fat, to create a more refreshed appearance to the eye.

A female upper eyelid should have a higher and deeper lid crease 8-10 mm above the eyelashes.  There should be minimal excess redundant or crepy skin.  During a female upper eyelid lift, typically the goal is to make a higher and deeper lid crease.  If this is performed on a man, this can feminize a male face and produce a poor result.

Young attractive female eye

Young Katie Holmes with Higher Lid Crease with Minimal Excess Skin

Before undergoing an upper eyelift in Charlotte, I thoroughly discuss with all of my patients what their goals are concerning:

1)      The height of their eyelid crease

2)      The depth of their eyelid crease

3)      The possible locations of the incision

4)      The position of their eyebrows

After I understand these goals, I can formulate the best surgical upper blepharoplasty plan to create the most optimal outcomes for my patients undergoing eyelid surgery in Charlotte.


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