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Are You Tired of Having Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

What is One of the Most Common Cause of Dark Circles Underneath Your Eyes?

As a facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, I am commonly asked what causes dark circles underneath the eyes.  There are many causes of dark circles underneath the eyes, but today I am going to tailor my response to those patients that almost always have dark circles underneath their eyes.

Some patients have bags under their eyes that create dark circles.  The dark circles in this case are due to the shadowing effect.  I want to focus on patients that actually have a change or darkening in color of the skin below the eyes.  For these patients, a common cause of this staining is secondary to chronic untreated allergies.

Allergies can cause chronic nasal congestion.  The congestion or swelling in the nose can cause pooling or stasis of blood beneath the eyes.  This leads to products of the blood that can leak out of the blood vessels and underneath the skin.   If this process occurs for years as a toddler, child, or young adult, it can lead to permanent staining of the skin underneath the eyes and the formation of fine lines underneath the eyes.

If you are someone that has a history of allergies and dark circles underneath your eyes, the dark circles are likely from the collection of blood products in the skin.  The unfortunate news is that this problem is difficult to correct.  I first recommend treating allergies if  symptoms are still present.  This may relieve some of the congestion of the blood and improve the coloring.  At the very least, one can breath and feel better by controlling their allergies.  Additional treatments for correcting pigmentary changes are a trial and error method.  Some products work for some people, and for some people there is not effective treatment.  For over the counter medications, teamine and hylexin are 2 newer products that have show some promise for some people.  Topical medical grade products or facial peels from Image Skin Care, which is sold in my office, contain ingredients that lighten and even the skin tone.  To treat the dark circles, we commonly use a combination of these treatments. To learn more about dark circles, visit

As a facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, treating dark circles underneath the eyes secondary to staining of the skin from chronic congestion from long-standing allergies can be difficult to treat.  If you or your child have allergies and nasal congestion, I would recommend treating them at an early age to prevent staining of the skin below the eyes. Feel free to contact our office to seek treatment for under eye dark circles.

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