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Bankers need Botox too!

The life of a banker in Charlotte, NC has been everything but boring over the past few years.  They have been through the housing boom, financial crisis, collapse of Wachovia, layoffs at Bank of America, and now the European financial crisis.  This has managed to take years off of the life of a causal observer, but I imagine the effect that it has had on the banker in the business.  I know that there have been more frowns than smiles coming from this group and it has lead to an increase in deep lines and wrinkles between the eyes, forehead, and crows feet.

There was a recent article discussing how Botox had increased in popularity in bankers to hide the stress of the job.  It is happening in both men and women, but I like to call male Botox “brotox” in my office in Charlotte. Botox has been coming increasing popular in males as it is an easy and fast way to maintain a youthful appearance.  The vast majority of the time, there is no downtime so patients can go back to their normal activity and lifestyle the next day.

Botox in males require a different injection technique than females.  Males have larger and stronger muscles than females and will require a larger dose to be effective.  I generally like my patients to remain expressive after injections, but I will stress this effect in males.  Since males did not have to go through childbirth, they generally have a lower pain tolerance.  I have to offer everything possible to minimize discomfort for my male patients.  I have to admit that the female patients are much more brave. To learn more about Botox, visit

It seems like Charlotte should be a hotspot for male Botox as it is the second largest banking center in the country.  I guess time will tell.

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