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Can Botox Really Make Me Happier?

On our recent honeymoon, my wife read the popular book, “The Happiness Project” written by Gretchen Rubin which is an account of the year that Gretchen spent trying to find happiness. My wife read excerpts of the book to me where Gretchen discussed the relationship between happiness and attractiveness. Does our attractiveness really affect our happiness? As a cirujano plástico facial en Charlotte and a Botox specialist, my wife knew that I would get a kick out of this.

In the book, Gretchen notes that people who receive Botox are happier then those who don’t because, due to their paralyzed muscles, they are unable to make angry or sad faces. There is a psychological hypothesis, the facial feedback hypothesis, which states that forcing your lips into a smile will psychologically result in one feeling happy. Similarly, scowling or frowning can make one feel sad or upset. Botox is commonly injected into the glabella and forehead area to prevent the formation of a frown or angry face. According to the facial feedback hypothesis, these expressions can lead us to feeling mad and upset. In theory, preventing the formation of the frown or scowl with Botox will help prevent a sad or upset feeling, resulting in an overall improved mood.

I agree with the facial feedback hypothesis as I believe smiling and appearing happy will in turn result in an improved and happier mood. I cannot prove that Botox will improve people’s moods, but it does appear possible. I believe this could be an unintended but positive result from Botox injections.

As a Charlotte Botox specialist and experienced facial plastic surgeon, I would be honored to offer consultations for those interested in maintaining a youthful appearance or for those who might just want to bring a smile back to their face!

Check out Gretchen’s blog, El Proyecto Felicidad, where she writes weekly and discusses happiness!

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