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Your Ethnic Rhinoplasty Goals

Your Ethnic Rhinoplasty Goals

A growing trend in facial plastic surgery is the desire to look better while still maintaining your ethnic identity, rejecting a cookie-cutter approach to beauty. Men and women are increasingly requesting surgeries that bring them closer to the beauty ideals fostered by their home cultures, rather than trying to assimilate to a western ideal. Because Continue Reading >>

Who Can Benefit from Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh, a Beverly Hills-trained facial plastic surgeon, specializes in all procedures of the face, but specifically specializes in rhinoplasty surgery which is also commonly referred to as a nose job.  His practice, Carolina Facial Plastics, is located in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina and dedicates their time consulting with new and existing Continue Reading >>

Can I Afford a Rhinoplasty?

At Carolina Facial Plastics, office of Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh, we understand that finances are a factor when deciding whether to undergo a rhinoplasty.  Dr. Kulbersh and his team do everything possible to assist in the financial aspect of a nose job.   Dr. Kulbersh’s staff is well trained in the multiple financing and payment options for Continue Reading >>

Things You Should Prepare Before Rhinoplasty Surgery

There are many aspects that are important to ensure the best possible outcome from a rhinoplasty.  As a nose job expert in Charlotte, we believe one of the most important steps a patient can do to ensure a great outcome is to make sure they are adequately prepared before the surgery.  In this blog, our Continue Reading >>

Can I Get a Non-Surgical Nose Job?

For patients who desire to alter the shape of the nose, but do not want to undergo cosmetic plastic surgery, we recommend the non-invasive rhinoplasty. This innovative procedure allows the nasal area to be reshaped without any surgery. At Carolina Facial Plastics in Charlotte, we use the most advanced dermal filler techniques in order to Continue Reading >>

Who Is a Good Candidate for Tip Rhinoplasty?

While many patients come to Carolina Facial Plastics in order to receive a complete rhinoplasty, some patients desire to only change the appearance of the tip of their nose. A tip rhinoplasty can produce incredible results for patients who are dissatisfied with the size or shape of their nasal tip. At our practice in Charlotte, Dr. Continue Reading >>

What Is a Teen Rhinoplasty?

At Carolina Facial Plastics, we are frequently asked about our philosophy and practices regarding teen rhinoplasty. As a rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Kulbersh understands that teen rhinoplasty is a complex procedure that requires special consideration due to the age of the patient. At our practice, we are dedicated to providing teen rhinoplasty patients in Charlotte with Continue Reading >>

When is the Right Time for a Revision Rhinoplasty?

Anytime a patient undergoes a rhinoplasty, there is always a chance they may require a revision rhinoplasty in the future. In looking at the national data, approximately 10% of all patients undergoing a rhinoplasty will undergo a revision. This rate will vary widely between individual surgeons. The very best rhinoplasty surgeons will have a low Continue Reading >>

Common Rhinoplasty Questions

Many people have been talking about rhinoplasty since Lisa Kudrow revealed the positive impact of her nose job when she was 16. As a Charlotte rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Kulbersh wanted to take this opportunity to address some of the common rhinoplasty questions he hears from my patients. Rhinoplasty Question #1: At what age can you get Continue Reading >>

What Makes African American Rhinoplasty Unique?

Rhinoplasty, or nose job, is the most popular cosmetic procedure for African American patients. With its increase in popularity, it is important for patients to remember that the African American rhinoplasty presents unique considerations, therefore, should be performed by an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. As a Beverly Hills trained rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh has spent Continue Reading >>

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