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Two Philosophies I Use When Approaching a Revision Rhinoplasty in Charlotte

Revision rhinoplasties are both challenging and rewarding cases.  Due to previous surgeries, the nose has been changed to a poor appearance or the nose has collapsed resulting in nasal obstruction.  When I am evaluating a nose for a revision rhinoplasty in my office in Charlotte, I consider two different techniques to improve the nose:

1)  Camouflage revision rhinoplasty

2)  Reverse reconstructive rhinoplasty

Patients that have good nasal function and support, I typically suggest a camouflage technique.  In this case, the nose functions normally, but there are mild to moderate aesthetic issues.  I recently had a patient that had the bridge of her nose over-resected and had multiple painful bumps on her nose.  She was able to breath well, and she liked the rest of her nose.  I recommended to camouflage the area of concern by removing the bumps and place cartilage and tissue in the concerning area to repair the bridge of her nose.

A reverse reconstructive rhinoplasty is recommended to patients that either have nasal obstruction or major aesthetic issues.  These patients typically have collapse of the nose, twisting of the nose, or major aesthetic issues.  Their previous surgeries have removed cartilage and bone from the nose that have resulted in the poor outcome.  In these cases, I have to reverse their previous surgeries by adding cartilage to the nose to rebuild it.  This type of surgery is typically more technically challenging and time consuming, but is worth the effort to create a nose that will last a lifetime.

As a Charlotte based revision rhinoplasty expert, the pre-operative evaluation of the nose is a vital aspect of creating the best treatment plan to improve the aesthetic and functional aspects of the nose.  Camouflage and reverse reconstructive are two techniques that I use to give my patients the best outcomes.


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