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Does a Real Life Barbie Exist?

Barbie dolls have been a favorite toy of young girls for over 50 years.  If Barbie was a real person she would have a 39″ bust, 18″ waist, and 33″ hips.

This is NOT the look we are going for at Carolina Facial Plastics!  Regardless of this unattainable appearance, some young girls and women have held the “Barbie” appearance as a standard of beauty.  Recently, a woman in Ukraine has portrayed herself as the real life Barbie.  She has an unnaturally skinny waist, an overly large bust, and a face that resembles Barbie.  Her popularity is apparently growing as she has 8,000 followers on Facebook and a segment on ABC news  (see her picture below).

It is highly likely that this woman has undergone many plastic surgeries including liposuction and maybe a rhinoplasty.

These ideas of transforming oneself to an unattainable or famous appearance highlight one important aspect of facial plastic surgery at my center in Charlotte, and that is having realistic expectations.  In developing a trusting relationship with my patients, we must ensure that we have realistic goals for any procedure in facial plastic surgery, including nose jobs, facelifts, eyelifts, fillers, skin peels, and Botox.  I schedule time with all patients to answer questions and ensure the patient is completely comfortable and understands the goals of the procedure plan.  I will not be making “Barbies” out of my patients in Charlotte.


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