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Los primeros signos de envejecimiento en los afroamericanos

Kulbersh BlepharoplastyIt’s a well-known fact that Caucasian skin is more prone to wrinkles at an earlier age as opposed to African American skin. However, the same cannot be said for the skin around the eyes. In fact, according to new research, the fragile skin around the outer corners of the eyes in African American men and women tend to droop much sooner than in any other race. As a result, the lower eyelids can look much looser and under eye bags become more noticeable.

Though it isn’t completely understood as to why eye aging in African American’s is more eminent in this area, as an experienced facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, I believe that the best way to overcome the aging process around the eyes is to undergo a minimally invasive procedure called blepharoplasty.

La blefaroplastia afroamericano

La elección de someterse blefaroplastia surgery is often a great idea for candidates experiencing under eye bags, hollows, loose lower eyelids, or droopy upper eyelids. The ultimate goal of blepharoplasty is to rejuvenate the eye area by tightening skin that has lost volume as a result of the aging process, which can be easily trimmed away or re-positioned. When undergoing this procedure, fat grafting to the face is often used in conjunction with blepharoplasty to add volume back to the eye area, which combats the aging process further and results in a natural appearance. For some patients, I may use a filler such as Juvéderm or Restylane to add volume around the eyes.

Depending on the type of blepharoplasty surgery, a patient may choose to have the procedure in my office in Charlotte. All patients are safe to return home the very same day. Because blepharoplasty is minimally invasive, it’s very common for patients to experience only minor swelling, discomfort, and bruising that heals in only a couple of short weeks.

When performing blepharoplasty on African American skin, it’s extremely important to select a knowledgeable facial plastic surgeon who has experience performing procedures on darker or ethnic skin. Because scars are much more noticeable on dark skin, I perform blepharopalsty surgery by making a hidden incision on the inside of the eyelid crease, which ensures that no one will be able to see the scar after the patient has fully healed and recovered.

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Overcoming the aging process can be done, and often times with minimally invasive procedures like upper and lower blepharoplasty. If you’d like to learn more about an eyelift in Charlotte at Carolina Facial Plastics, I encourage you to póngase en contacto con mi oficina today to schedule your initial consultation, during which your every question and concern will be addressed. As a board certified head and neck surgeon with a unique knowledge in facial plastic surgery, I’m confident in my abilities to bring patients both natural and youthful eyelift results.

For additional information and to speak with an expert facial plastic surgeon today, please call (704) 842-3644.

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