Facial Restorative Surgery

Do you look in the mirror and notice that your face has started to look tired, angry, or simply older than you really feel? Over time, sun exposure, environmental factors, weight gain, and simply genetics can cause a person’s skin to age and become thin, saggy, and dull. Even worse, the skin naturally produces less collagen and elastin over time, which makes the skin look and feel older. Fortunately, it is possible to significantly reverse this process with a facial restorative surgery known as a face lift or a mini lift. Both cutting-edge treatments are available at Carolina Facial Plastics courtesy of double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh.

What Does Facial Restorative Surgery Involve?

A standard facelift involves removing excess skin and fat from the face, chin, and neck, while also tightening specific muscles to create a more defined, youthful jawline and overall appearance. The face can begin to sag and droop as the skin becomes thin and dull over time, and facial rejuvenation surgery helps reverse the effect. Lifting and smoothing out the contours of the face truly revives one’s appearance and turns back the clock.

In some cases, patients who may need only minor adjustments to achieve the most flattering results can opt for what is known as a mini lift. This minimally-invasive version of a traditional facial restoration focuses mainly on the neck, chin and lower face, rather than including the brow and temples. Therefore, the recovery is much quicker as less incisions are made.

Dr. Kulbersh’s Philosophy on Facial Surgery

Prior to any cosmetic procedure, Dr. Kulbersh believes in taking the time to understand his patients’ needs and goals as well as providing the information and insight they need to make a confident decision. It is crucial that patients understand what to expect from start to finish and do not rush to make drastic changes. Dr. Kulbersh focuses on providing the most natural-looking results that enhance and flatter each patient’s unique appearance.

The Recovery Process

While Dr. Kulbersh takes every precaution to ensure that patients have as quick a recovery as possible from a face lift, patients can expect to experience bruising, swelling, redness, and discomfort for the first two weeks after the procedure. It will be necessary to wear face bandages and avoid strenuous activity or even steam baths or saunas during the first week or two. Dr. Kulbersh and his staff will be available 24/7 throughout the patient’s recovery to answer any questions or concerns.

Get a Facial Restorative Operation Today!

If you are interested in learning whether facial surgery is the right cosmetic treatment for you, please do not hesitate to contact Carolina Facial Plastic Surgery for a consultation. Dr. Kulbersh is happy to help guide patients to the best possible treatments available, whether surgical or non-surgical, and has the extensive training and expertise to administer the best care possible.

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