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How Old Do You Want to Look?

Have you tried everything you can to look younger? Have you changed your diet, colored your hair, bought the latest skin firming cream or gotten a chemical peel? All these things can definitely help gain you a year or two, but you might not get the dramatic results you crave. If you have deep-set wrinkles in your forehead, sagging skin or perpetually puffy under-eyes, a face lift might be worth looking into. In Charlotte’s competitive work atmosphere, it can give you an edge by turning back the clock seven years.

Seven Years is a Long Time

In a new study, published in February 2012, researchers sought to find out just how many years younger people looked after undergoing a face lift. Sixty patients between the ages of 45 and 72 had various forms of facial plastic surgery.  Patients were placed in groups depending on the amount of procedures completed – with group one having the least amount of procedures and group three undergoing the most. Before and after photos were polled by a group of first-year medical students, who gave approximate ages for each picture.

The Award for Youngest Looking Goes to….

The results of the study found that all participants looked younger post-face lift surgery, with the average age approximation being 8.9 years younger than chronological age. The three surgery groups’ results did differ, however. Patients in group three, who had the most procedures done, seemed to reap the greatest benefit, as the judges awarded them with the largest age gap when compared with the other two groups.

Types of Face Lifts

Now that you know a face lift can literally erase seven years of wear and tear on your face, you might wonder what face lift options you have in Charlotte and other cities in the U.S. No two face lifts are alike, states the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, but the goal is typically the same – to look younger without appearing fake or “plastic.” Discussion and evaluation with a cosmetic surgeon is essential; you have to agree on what you want done and what actually can be done during your face lift. Your Charlotte-based surgeon may suggest eyelid surgery to reduce a “droopy-eyed” appearance or he might opt to tighten the skin around your jaw and chin to create a younger looking profile.

Do Your Research

Make sure you check out all the cosmetic surgeons in Charlotte before you get a face lift. Finding the right doctor to work with is important; you wouldn’t trust your face to just anyone. You also need to understand the procedures you’ll have done, and the risks associated with the surgery. Doing it right the first time is important, as botched face lifts are difficult to remedy.

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