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Man Undergoes Over 90 Plastic Surgeries and Spends Over $100,000 Dollars–Is He the Real Life Ken?

I am going to start this blog with an embarrassing fact; I used to play with Ken and Barbie dolls as a child. It was not my favorite toy (GI Joe), but I do remember going over to my friends house and playing with them. Even at that young age, I never wanted to look like Ken. I thought he looked a little too snobby for my taste. Well, there is a young man in New York City who has taken plastic surgery to the extreme. He has had over 90 surgeries and spent a small fortune on plastic surgery. He has had almost every procedure and implant imaginable, including among countless others:

human ken doll

Human Ken Doll?

As a facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, this is not the type of plastic surgery I would advocate. I recommend safe, natural, and conservative procedures to allow my patients to look great for whatever age they may be. I am not in the business of radical changes or changing the essence of someones appearance. If a patient was seeing me for his 91st plastic surgery procedure, I have a feeling that I would not be the right facial plastic surgeon for him.

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