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La optimización de los resultados de Botox y Dysport para mis pacientes en Charlotte

Botox and Dysport are powerful and complicated tools for a facial plastic surgeon. As a Charlotte Botox y Dysport experto, (Botox and Dysport are essentially the same product in the context of this article) I use the product in a variety of ways including aesthetic and functional reasons. In this blog, I will focus on using the product for aesthetic concerns most notably referred to the frown lines, forehead lines, and crows feet. Wrinkles in these areas are caused by repetitive muscle movements that eventually create creases in the skin. Botox and Dysport are directly injected into the muscle to weaken or paralyze the muscle. By weakening or paralyzing the muscle, it will prevent the creasing of the skin and allow time for your body to repair the damage caused by the continued movement. Overtime, the creases of the forehead, frown lines, and crows feet will continue to smoothen to become barely noticeable.

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Botox has become very prevalent in the media, is often heard in many conversations when speaking about plastic surgery, and likely your friends have been injected. Due to its popularity patients underestimate the technical, medical, and artistic considerations in using Botox. There are injectors that give the identical amount and location of Dysport and Botox for all of their patients. While this will generate improvements for their patients, I believe this technique will not create the best results.

When I am evaluating a patient for Botox or Dysport, the most important aspect of the entire process is asking what their goals and concerns are. Some patients are scared that they will not have enough expression on their face while others do not want even the slightest movement in their forehead. I can use the product in different locations and amounts to tailor the results. Some considerations that a patient should consider and requests that they should mention to their injector of Botox o Dysport en Charlotte are:
– The amount of movement you would like to remain in your face
– The level of your eyebrows. Would you like them higher? Less arched? More arched?
– The position of your low eyelid. If the lower eyelid is loose, injecting Botox in the area can cause changes to the shape of the eye or cause fluid to accumulate.
– How long until you should see results? Deeper creases will take longer to smoothen.

I hope people understand the power, technical, and artistic consideration of undergoing a Botox procedure in Charlotte. Although it is very safe in the proper hands, it remains a medical product that is injected into the face that should be taken seriously. Botox and Dysport in Charlotte are a non-invasive procedure that have shown to create a rejuvenated face with little to no downtime that has resulted in many happy patients.

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