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Refresque su piel para la primavera con un tratamiento de esteticista personalizado

customized aesthetician treatments in Charlotte, NCWith spring around the corner, it’s time to refresh your skin for the new season. What better way than with a customized tratamiento esteticista? At Carolina Facial Plastics, we are ready to help you get your best look for spring.

Terri Edson is the medical aesthetician at our medical center, who works closely with yo mismo and the rest of the team to help patients look and feel their best. With more than 15 years of experience, Terri is uniquely qualified to provide tailored treatment plans for our Charlotte patients that address their precise needs and goals. Trust your skin to Terri and enjoy your most beautiful spring yet!

What Can a Medical Aesthetician Treat?

A medical aesthetician like Terri takes skin treatment to the next level. In addition, she uses treatments to support recovery after plastic surgery and intense laser treatments, which also enhances the results of those procedures in many cases.

At Carolina Facial Plastics, Terri brings her expertise and extensive experience performing a broad range of aesthetic treatments, including:

  • Los peelings químicos
  • microneedling
  • Tratamientos laser

She also helps patients tailor a medical-grade skin care program based on their precise needs and skin type, ensuring patients can support your professional treatments at home for long-lasting improvement.

Opciones de tratamiento personalizadas

What does your skin need most? Exfoliation to reveal your healthy glow? A collagen boost to smooth and firm the complexion? A reduction in early aging symptoms like fine lines? No matter what your goals might be, Terri and the rest of our team at Carolina Facial Plastics can help you meet them. Some of the aesthetician treatments we offer include:

Los peelings químicos

chemical peel results in Charlotte, NC

Los peelings químicos are an exfoliating treatment that uses chemical formulations to precisely remove layers of skin for a more youthful, vibrant appearance. With a variety of peel solutions to choose from, Terri can tailor your treatment based on the extent of your damage and the specific concerns you want to treat. At our Charlotte medical center, we offer the following options:

  • Exfoliaciones superficiales que contienen alfa hidroxi o beta hidroxiácido para iluminar la tez y mejorar la textura y el tono general de la piel.
  • Medium peels, including Jessner and retinoic acid peels that work well on moderate aging symptoms and are safe for all skin tones
  • Exfoliaciones profundas que utilizan ácido tricloroacético para tratar los síntomas de envejecimiento más avanzados en pacientes que pueden permitirse un tiempo de inactividad después del tratamiento.

Depending on the depth of the peel you choose, you may see the following benefits from your treatment:

  • Mayor colágeno y elastina para una piel más sana de adentro hacia afuera
  • Reducción de líneas finas y arrugas.
  • Textura de piel mejorada para una superficie más suave.
  • Minimización de hiperpigmentación y manchas marrones.

Superficial peels can be used regularly, while deeper peels may only be needed once to achieve dramatic, long-lasting results. We will provide a comprehensive examination of the skin to determine the peel that will meet your skin needs best.

microneedling treatment results in Charlotte,NC


microneedling is a collagen induction therapy that stimulates collagen production by creating micro-channels in the skin. Terri can adjust the depth of the channels, ensuring patients get the precise amount of correction they need—no more, no less. Terri performs this procedure using topical numbing, and most patients don’t have significant downtime after the procedure.

Potential benefits of a microneedling treatment include:

  • Piel más firme para una apariencia más suave.
  • Reducción del tamaño de los poros.
  • Menos líneas finas y arrugas.
  • Improvement in scarring, including acne scars
  • Textura y tono de piel más uniformes
  • Rejuvenecimiento general de la piel

Microneedling does not produce immediate results, since the procedure works by triggering additional collagen production over time. However, once the improvements become evident, they can continue to develop in the weeks and months following treatment, with natural, beautiful results. To learn more about microneedling, please visit health.harvard.edu.

Los tratamientos con láser

laser treatments in Charlotte, NCLaser devices are another way to refresh the skin and brighten your complexion for spring. One of our favorito opciones de tratamiento con láser es el CoolPeel, which can produce similar results to a CO2 laser resurfacing treatment sin el tiempo de inactividad. The secret to this device’s success is the ability to produce small changes in a series of sessions, so over time, your skin becomes smoother, firmer, and younger-looking. The treatment does not require downtime, so you can easily fit the treatment sessions into your schedule until you achieve your desired result.

We recommend the CoolPeel for the following concerns:

  • Líneas y arrugas
  • Manchas marrones
  • laxitud de la piel
  • poros dilatados

Since you will require multiple appointments with this device, we recommend starting now so you will enjoy the most beautiful outcome by the time summer comes around. We also offer additional laser options, including Génesis láser para el enrojecimiento de la piel y el daño solar y Titán Cutera for fine lines and mild skin laxity.

Combine tratamientos para un rejuvenecimiento total

While one of these treatments is good, two or more can be even better! We often combine aesthetic treatments to produce a more dramatic improvement. We also frequently perform injectable treatments like rellenos dérmicos o neuromoduladores at the same time as peels or laser treatments to smooth away any remaining lines and wrinkles for a truly flawless finish.

Combined treatments are carefully chosen to your precise needs, skin type, and goals. This ensures you receive all the correction you need, right where you need it, to produce a superior outcome. Our team of experts is ready to create a customized treatment plan for you so you can put your best face forward this spring.

Renueve su piel hoy en nuestro centro médico de Charlotte

Spring brings a time of renewal, the perfect time to renew your skin for a beautiful season. To learn more about any of our aesthetic treatments, Los plásticos en contacto con Carolina facial today to schedule your personal consultation.

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