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Rinoplastia nariz después de un traumatismo

revision rhinoplastyThe nose is one of the most commonly broken bones on the face. Whether caused by an accident or sports injury, a misshapen, asymmetrical nose can be corrected with a rinoplastia. Como un rinoplastia de Carolina del Norte specialist, Dr. Kulbersh has performed many rhinoplasty procedures on patients looking to regain their balanced appearance, and their breathing through their nose after suffering a nose injury.

Reparación roto la nariz

Contact sports are a leading cause of nose fractures, accounting for about 25% of all broken noses. With its prominence on the face, it is an easy target for soccer balls, baseballs, and elbows. No matter the reason for the injury, the nose can be repaired. We generally advise people to visit a surgeon within 72 hours of trauma to the nose to prevent the development of breathing problems and severe swelling. The nose may need to be reset to prevent it from healing crooked. The nose needs to be reset early after the fracture before swelling sets in or a few days after the injury to allow some of the swelling to resolve. A swollen nose is difficult to reset as the swelling can make it hard for the surgeon to tell if the nose in the proper location.

Dr. Kulbersh frequently performs corrective rhinoplasty on patients who had a broken nose that did not heal properly. It is common during the breaking of the nose for the septum inside of the nose to fracture. Both the displaced bones and fractured septum can cause nasal obstruction and breathing problems. This can be dramatically improved by straightening the septum, a procedure known as septoplastia, and the crooked nasal bones during the surgery. This can greatly improve a patient’s quality of life by improving their sleeping, exercise tolerance, and energy level.

La elección de un cirujano especialista en rinoplastia

When looking to improve the appearance of a broken nose, it is crucial to select an experienced, highly trained rhinoplasty surgeon. The intricacy of the bones and cartilage can make it a difficult procedure, especially if there is extensive damage. When a septoplasty is being performed at the same time to repair a deviated septum, the surgeon’s expertise is especially important.

Dr. Kulbersh completed his facial plastic and reconstructive surgery training under some of the best facial plastic surgeons in the country. While training in Beverly Hills under the direction of Dr. Babak Azizzadeh and Dr. Paul Nassif, Dr. Kulbersh learned the most cutting-edge surgical techniques and performed rhinoplasty surgeries in a city known for plastic surgery. Now, at his practice in Charlotte, he brings that Beverly Hills expertise to every one of his rhinoplasty patients.

Llame hoy para una rinoplastia Consulta de Carolina del Norte

If you’ve suffered a nose injury that has left you unhappy with the appearance and/or functionality of your nose, a rinoplastia may be able to help. As an expertly trained rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte, Dr. Kulbersh can repair a misshapen, poorly healed nose to restore harmony to the face. Contact us at Carolina Facial Plastics by calling (704) 842-3644 today to schedule a North Carolina rhinoplasty consultation.

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