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Do You Have Issues Putting on Your Eye Shadow?

Many years ago, when I started medical school, I would never have imagined that I would be writing about eye shadow today. I will admit that I do not know how to apply it (which I think is a good thing), but after my years working in facial cosmetic surgery, I know the basics: – Continue Reading >>

Are All Upper Blepharoplasties, or Eyelift Surgeries, Created Equal?

With an interest in eye surgery, I have received specialized training with a prominent oculoplastic surgeon, a specialist who only preforms eye surgery, in Beverly Hills.  During this experience in Beverly Hills, I worked with cosmetic surgeons, plastic surgeons, and oculoplastic surgeons, and learned how each of the fields preforms upper and lower eyelift surgery. Continue Reading >>

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Testimonial from 'Botched' Dr. Nassif Testimonial from 'Botched' Dr. Nassif
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