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4 Ways To Ensure Proper Healing After Cosmetic Surgery

There are several reasons why someone may undergo cosmetic surgery—perhaps they’ve been thinking about improving  their appearance for quite some time, or maybe they’re just looking to maintain their look. As a facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, I believe one of the most important parts of facial plastic surgery is making sure that my patients Continue Reading >>

Making the Nose Bigger Can Be A Goal of a Rhinoplasty

Recently, I had an interesting consultation with a patient.  She was interested is having a rhinoplasty to make her nose larger and wanted to know if I performed that type of surgery.  As a rhinoplasty expert in Charlotte, I thought this was an great question and a good discussion point.  A beautiful nose is a Continue Reading >>

Does Your Nose Not Fit Your Face?

As one of the most important features of the face, both functionally and in appearance, the nose should not be the first facial feature that is noticed. I believe beautiful eyes, bright skin, or a beautiful smile should be the first facial feature that is appreciated.  If the nose in not in harmony with the Continue Reading >>

Important Questions To Ask Your Facial Plastic Surgeon

As a facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, I perform cosmetic surgeries for my patients on a daily basis. However, one of the most important steps that occurs before a person ever undergoes surgery is the initial consultation.   During the consultation, I listen to the patient’s questions and concerns, and I educate my patients on the Continue Reading >>

How To Correct A Crooked Nose

To improve facial harmony, many times patients seek rhinoplasty surgery in Charlotte to straighten a crooked nose.  Absolute facial symmetry is not a goal of facial aesthetics as everyone has minor differences between the two sides of the face.  This is true when evaluating the facial features of supermodels, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Carmen Continue Reading >>

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