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Los beneficios inesperados de una cirugía estética

Procedimiento de elevación de Carolina del Norte CaraLos hombres y las mujeres que se ven en el espejo en sus caras cambiantes pueden considerar que puede ser el momento para un lavado de cara. Esta decisión puede ser difícil para algunos pacientes, y buscan información adicional para asegurarse de que están haciendo una buena decisión. In addition to the obvious physical improvements that a lavado de cara can provide, there are a variety of other benefits that are equally important.

Here are a few of the unexpected benefits of undergoing a facelift from some recent medical studies:

Convey Success

UN 2016 study examined the perceived attractiveness of 504 facelift patients before and after their surgery. The patients rated as significantly younger looking and more attractive after their surgery than before. Observers also ranked them as being more likely to experience success in work and life secondary to the improved balanced and proportions of the face after surgery.

Radiate Healthiness

In that same study, observers believed that patients looked significantly healthier after their surgery than before. I believe there is an important psychological benefit that people are healthy should also look healthy.

Increase Self-Esteem and Boost Well-Being

Looking better really does lead to feeling better, according to a study out of Germany. In this study, they compared the feelings of patients that had a facelift to the patients that decided not to have a facelift. 544 patients who underwent cosmetic surgery were compared to patients who’d considered plastic surgery but had chosen not to have surgery. The patients that had plastic surgery felt healthier, experienced less anxiety, felt better about themselves, and felt significantly more attractive.

Develop a Halo

Charlotte Face Lift Surgeon

Lisa Ishii, Maryland, associate professor at Johns Hopkins University, noted that well-performed facial plastic surgery can have another, unexpected benefit: It makes a person seem more honest and trustworthy. She suggests that this can even lead to “judicial leniency.” Attractive people are more likely to avoid such inconveniences as paying a speeding ticket because of something known as the “halo effect.”

The halo effect arises from society’s unconscious bias toward attractiveness. The halo effect tends to operate on a loop. People who are perceived as more attractive get the positive feedback they need to bolster self-esteem, which then increases their chances for success.

Save Time and Money

With a great skin-care routine, an effective sun-avoidance strategy, plus regular maintenance treatments such as chemical peels, a facelift can maintain a rejuvenated appearance for 10 años o más. Compare that to the time and money spent on multiple non-invasive or minimally invasive rejuvenations, including skin-tightening treatments, microneedling, and multiple rellenos dérmicos: An expertly done facelift can come out a clear winner.

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If your heart is telling you it’s time for a facelift, maybe it’s time to explore your options with Dr. Jonathan Kulbersh de Carolina plásticos faciales en Charlotte, CAROLINA DEL NORTE. Jonathan Kulbersh, Maryland, is a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon who was trained by world-famous plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. Llamada 704-323-5090 or email us to set up a consultation.

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