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¿Hora de un lifting de ojos?

Eyelift Charlotte Before and AfterOur eyes can make us look vibrant, alert, and youthful. Unfortunately, the eyes are one of the first areas that begin to show signs of aging. The eyes are a central feature in expressing our non-verbal communication. If the eyes appear sad or tired, people may infer that you feel that way even if you are feeling great. As an expert eyelift surgeon in Charlotte, there are several treatment options available—from facial fillers to a surgical eyelift—to brighten up your face.

No quirúrgico o líquido Eyelift

A liquid eyelift is a popular procedure at my practice. The liquid eyelift is a minimally invasive way to restore volume around the eye area and is able to lift the sagging cheeks and camouflage the under eye bags. The loss of facial volume contributes to the appearance of under eye bags and deep laugh lines. These typically begin to appear in patients in their 30’s.

When I perform a nonsurgical eyelift in Charlotte, I use a blunt tipped microcannula instead of a needle to inject rellenos faciales such as Juvéderm, Restylane, and Perlane. Using a blunt tip instrument prevents trauma and damage to the surrounding tissue resulting in a decreased chance of bruising, less pain, and increased safety. Fillers are used to recreate a smooth facial topography and create a face that reflects more light. Faces that reflect light appear vibrant and healthy while faces with hollows and wrinkles appear dark and tired.. The fillers can smooth deep laugh lines, and create stronger cheekbones. If a patient is interested in improving the bags under the eyes and creating a stronger cheek, but is not interested in surgery, a liquid eyelift can be a great option.

Eyelift quirúrgica

UN eyelift quirúrgicaLos pacientes que acuden para el realce de labios a menudo tienen otras áreas que les gustaría tratar también. El aumento de labios se puede combinar con otros tratamientos inyectables, como rellenos de lágrimas, blefaroplastia, can greatly improve the appearance of the face by eliminating loose and sagging skin above and/or below the eyes. An upper blepharoplasty, eyelift of the upper lid, can be performed for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Sometimes the skin of the upper lid can become so loose and heavy that it impedes vision, making blefaroplastia necessary. If this is happening to you, it may be time for an eyelift.

Regardless of the reason, blepharoplasty can be performed to correct drooping lids and remove excess puffiness in both men and women. For patients looking to treat under eye bags, a blepharoplasty performed in conjunction with a fat transfer may provide optimal results. Eyelift surgery in Charlotte is an outpatient procedure performed under local anesthesia with a fairly easy recovery period.

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If you think it might be time for you to consider an eyelift procedure, contact me at Carolina Facial Plastics today to schedule a consultation at (704) 842-3644. I will examine your eyes and determine whether a nonsurgical eyelift or blefaroplastia will provide the result you are hoping for and give you the most vibrant, youthful result possible.

For more information on eyelift procedures, póngase en contacto con nuestra oficina hoy dia.

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