Desafíos únicos para una revisión de la rinoplastia en Charlotte

revision rhinoplasty results on an asian patientComo un rinoplastia de revisión specialist in Charlotte, there are a few unique challenges of the procedure that we would like to discuss. A revision rhinoplasty is any rhinoplasty surgery after the first surgery. It can be a second, third, or even fourth surgery on the nose.

Issue # 1 Support

In many revision rhinoplasty surgeries, the nose is collapsed or weak. This is likely secondary to removal of cartilage from the previous surgery. In this situation, the nose has to be supported by adding cartilage to the nose. This cartilage can be taken from the septum in the nose if it was not taken in the initial surgery. If the septum is not present, cartilage is taken from the ear or rib.

Issue #2 Uncertainty

During a revision rhinoplasty, the revision rhinoplasty doctor has no idea what was done during the previous surgery. For this reason, during the revision rhinoplasty, the surgeon must be able to have the skills to handle these uncertain situations.

Issue #3 Slower Healing

After each rhinoplasty, the nose undergoes trauma and has reduced blood supply and ability to drain swelling. For these reasons, it can take longer for swelling to subside after a revision rhinoplasty in Charlotte. It can take up to 1.5 to 2 years for the swelling to resolve for a complete recovery after a rhinoplasty.

Issue #4 Scar Tissue

Scar tissue forms in the nose and it can cause irregularities in the skin. The scar tissue can also increase the complexity of the surgery.

Issue #5 Trust

Many patients have lost trust in their doctor secondary to a less than ideal outcome. These feelings of mistrust complicate the doctor-patient relationship.

Issue #5 Technically Challenging

For all of these reasons, a revision rhinoplasty is more technically challenging procedure for a facial plastic surgeon. There are many rhinoplasty surgeons that will not perform a revision rhinoplasty for these reasons.

Programar su cirugía de rinoplastia en Charlotte Hoy

In undergoing a revision rhinoplasty in Charlotte, we want individuals to understand that there are unique issues that patients face. If you are interested in seeing a revision rhinoplasty expert in Charlotte, please póngase en contacto con nuestra oficina a (704) 842-3644.

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