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What would you do to fit perfectly into your highest and hottest high heels?

Whether you can believe it or not, one of the newest trends in plastic surgery is plastic surgery of the feet. We once thought a nicely done pedicure with a pretty color pink or red was the perfect trick to a woman’s foot looking pretty, but not anymore! Women are now getting reconstruction done on their feet to fit into their favorite shoes, mainly their heels. For example, some women dislike the length of their toes, dislike that one toe is longer than another or simply hate the way their feet look, so they are reconstructing their feet and toes to their liking. Another common trend is Botoxing the bottom of the feet to prevent sweating. Similar to receiving Botox injections in the underarms, which can be done in my office, Carolina Plásticos facial in Charlotte, women are injecting Botox into the bottom of their feet. This prevents their feet from sweating in their shoes. As a result of sweat, some women find that they are left with imprints of their feet and toes in their favorite sandals. After Botox, women are not left with those nasty dark imprints in the bottom of their canvas wedges and in other sandals.

Unfortunately, I am not injecting Botox into my patients feet, but I do inject Botox in the underarms to prevent sweating. And, of course, I inject Botox into faces of both men and women to create a more youthful lookin appearance and rid the lines on the face from those common muscle movements. Call today to book your appointment and don’t forget to register in Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions Program to gain rewards and benefits for all of your Allergan purchases!

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